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#Cube2 Funny Logs

Fearer: !kb r3tt1ch
*ChanServ banned *!*
Fearer: !kb Cdxx
*ChanServ banned *!*@Cdxx.user.gamesurge.
Fearer: !kb Apoll
*ChanServ banned *!*
Fearer: k channel is clean again
Alien: give that man a cookie

TheLove: where did you learn arabic
TheLove: i will beat your teacher till death
Cdxx: wanna sell me camels?
TheLove: lol do you think you can afford 1 camel? if i sell camel balls i buy you and your family
TheLove: you alone? hmm quarter liter of camel piss
TheLove: and maybe i get your sister for free

Heaven: what happended to unlix?
Giorgos: found out his homophobical feelings and know he is with 4 men doing gangbang
Naigra: that epic moment when you don't know the proper definition of homophobical, lol
Heaven: ahahah
Heaven: Giorgos omg..

· during SWL March Insta Titlematches Achille vs Saiga:
{QS}mefisto: my daughter is watching this game.. I have high hopes of her beeing a sauer pro
notas|sp4nk: every father does I think
{QS}mefisto: although her squeaky giraffe toy is currently more interesting to her
s9|Potato: so is mine
notas|sp4nk: you need to get her a squeaky ogro
{QS}mefisto: she just poked herself in the eye with it... so right now more of a regen noob I guess

- Potato joined the room.
Sm0ri: Hey Potato
Potato: he wants the D

Granger: I hold records for many things. Like the length of my penis.
Granger: Shit wrong channel
mefisto: there is no right channel for that

<+Sparta> i close my app to CoST| cus they havent a votation sistem
<+Sparta> :/
<+Sparta> now idk what i would have to do, any tip agalloch ? =/
<@Agalloch> idc what you will do, i am glad you closed app for !s
<@Agalloch> Sparta i really dont care. but also sp4nks needs some new guys
<@Agalloch> or try MYS
<@Agalloch> bob have site done, try them
<+gear4> Agalloch, he'll never make it into sp4nk
<+Sparta> if u would know
<+Sparta> what achille told me xD
<+Sparta> he would let me in
<+Sparta> if i send him pics of my sister xD
<@Agalloch> LMFAO

TheLove: yes thats for a reason, i said to her i want to rape you
TheLove: she answered 'what is rape?'
TheLove: i said how old are you
TheLove: she said 14
TheLove: i believed that for moment
TheLove: i even said that rape is like sucking lollipop oh
TheLove: i apologized and made point clear that rape is something bad and i was joking
TheLove: then checked her aliases and found that she's anal-ninja and CreamPieGirl which is disappointing because i apologized for a whore

pisto: Charlotte!
pisto: you are my last hope.
pisto: where can I find horse meat in sweden???
TheLove: horse eater
PriMs: LoL !!!!!!
PriMs: animal molester

N0x: could you please remind me some useful command of sauer?
Fatum: yea
Fatum: ./quit

MrU_atWork: I first most would like to give my own thanks to mefisto for believing in the {QS} and in me
MrU_atWork: secondly I'd like to thank my mom and dad for giving me access to the pron box a such a early age, so therefore by the young age of 13, I too could see naked ladies

psl3: INTERMISSION: Map: ffa on Bots - Rank: D3vi$t@t3r (1214 / 386%)

Piranja: hi whats up guys?
Majikal: my cock
Majikal: no wait, i'm impotent, nvm..

skiingpenguins-: i had a weird dream last night that i said my authkey in #sauerbraten

TheLove: there's a kuwaiti tradition in marriage party , all your friends stick their fingers in your ass
MrBeNNy: LOL whoa wtf
Achille: lool
TheLove: this video shown the tradition
MrBeNNy: LOL why am I watching this

mib_ind4ev: haylo kannst du mir mal helfen ?
haylo: no spanish please

degrave: no, i never wanted to get kicked because of tk
degrave: i just want to tk
miumau: do you feel addiction to it?
miumau: do you want to talk about it?
degrave: no, i want to tk
degrave: miumau lets go to some regen server
Ardelico: regen is gay
miumau: degrave, no thanks
miumau: I hate people there
miumau: they make me hate sauer
degrave: try to tk them
degrave: it helps

MrBeNNy: Lesson of today... don't wear underwear like Kim Kardashian
echo-echo__: dont wear her underware or dont wear any?
MrBeNNy: Dont wear any.

Melina: hey wtf
Melina: it's damn irritating that AiM applied. even IF he doesn't fit in our clan, i have to vote yes later, because he's from norway!!! and i freaking love norway!!

Sm0ri: Majikal, How are you?
Majikal: wtf
Majikal: u gay or something?

Sm0ri: What clan are you Majikal?
ScreaM: .......
Majikal: look, you don't even know me
Majikal: how the fuck did you get an authkey?
Majikal: prequisite #1 for authkey : know who the gods of sauer are
ScreaM: Hero,eihrul,oo| ect
Majikal: wut?

RaZgRiZ: all you fuckers who use fake names on PSL so they don't register your stats because you are too bored to do anything else and play public, please proceed as soon as possible and lick brown piss-flavored soap off a rotting cactus. thank you.

Majikal: Honzik1 i thought we wanted blue armor only to prevent rifle spawn kills, why do you suddenly want it to be a "real" armor?`
pisto: because stop complaining and mod your server to make your preferred mode.
Majikal: did i talk to you?
pisto: no but my word is important in the sauer community because I'm a fairly prominent personality. 

Fetz_: eihrul do you ever play?
eihrul: Fetz_: i have a file on my computer where i put people who ask me this question
Achille: lol
Fetz_: uh oh.
eihrul: Fetz_: one day i will go through this list and successfully murder the pets of everyone on this list

fetz: hey, will someone help me with installing Sauer?
fetz: just a quick question.
Majikal: we're better off without you
fetz: please dont be a jerk.

Majikal: taking dick in the ass, does it feel like having a shit?
Markku: Majikal, aehr. no
Majikal:  oki, just curious
Majikal: not enough to try tho

Qur: I have a gl, you don't... who would be a gay?
Fatum: you have a gl?
Fatum: what is it?
Fatum: a gay life?

echo-echo: is there an addbot command to add a bot that will not move and will not shoot?
pisto: /addcannonfodder
echo-echo: sweet thanks
echo-echo: that doesnt work
pisto: I'm surprised.

eihrul: is there any particular reason why satiiva should not have auth?
Majikal: eihrul, he plays almost exclusively insta, therefor i don't think he has the needed brain capacity needed for authkey
Satiiva: lol
RaZgRiZ: now that's an outright dumb statement.

TheAssassin: Achille went too far, this is not OK any more...
TheAssassin: The blog is one of the things that will disappear now
TheAssassin: if you insult me, you will pay for it
TheAssassin: then, achille, are YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?
TheAssassin: dont you know what copyright means?
Majikal: tis gona be fun
TheAssassin: this will result in legal consequences
Majikal: what copyright did he break TheAssassin ?
TheAssassin: the copyright is one of the things that exist in every country
TheAssassin: not relevant where you live
Saiga: legal consequences what?
TheAssassin: he took pictures of my websites without asking
TheLove: LOL
Saiga: TheAssassin that's not how it works at all.
TheLove: taking screen shot is crime!
TheLove: fucking Achille
Saiga: I will sue Achille for posting screenshots of my records!
TheAssassin: why do you act in this unfair way?
Majikal: you don't listen.
TheLove: +1
Shinnok: the ass ass in
Majikal: as seen on the ESL forums.
Shinnok: duel?
_daftpunk: am i co-leader yet
Majikal: people have tried to talk to you, you don't listen.
TheAssassin: and taking screenshots is no crime, modifying them and posting them on any websites is a crime
Achille: lol
Majikal: :D
Satiiva: hahahaha
TheLove: hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha
TheAssassin: I never received a mail, I never saw you on mumble, I never received pms
TheLove: and you will never receive anything
TheAssassin: why?
TheLove: foreveralone.jpg
Majikal: because you are a joke
Majikal: nothing personal
• RaZgRiZ is taking screenshots
RaZgRiZ: i guess i'll have to ask you for permission to upload :3
TheAssassin: this will result in legal consequences
TheAssassin: I hope they will stop you
Achille: you can contact R3TTICH and Tylon
Achille: they want to sue me too
TheAssassin: see you
- TheAssassin (~TheAssass@TheAssassin.user.gamesurge) left the room.
Majikal: oh god
Majikal: that made my day

Cerez ( left the room. (Quit: You can't snort a line of coke off a woman’s ass and not wonder about her hopes and dreams, it's not gentlemanly.)

Satiiva: moron on psl2 tells me that ping and fps are the same thing and he calls me a dumbfuck lol Markku: lol

* Dark joined #SWL.
Dark: Can you make me a server
Markku: @addquote * Dark joined #swl Can you make me a server 
bottana: Quote 527 added

M: fdas M: SOME1 HELP ME

RaZgRiZ: hey i just came here
RaZgRiZ: and this is crazy
RaZgRiZ: but anyone knows which file houses general firefox settings
RaZgRiZ: so tell me maybe?

sil0nda: C ya! all I gone left that shit game ''Cube2 because is that game gay game so cuuu
*sil0nda left the room
wtf_: That was about time.

Rexus: I recently realised that putting hot water on a bird makes it VERY angry

psl1: ObamaBinLaden (17): i am obama bin laden bro

calin: speaking of girls and chairs Achille, you know how you can make 4 blond girls sit on 1 chair? Achille: tell me calin: turn the chair upside down Achille: looooool calin: :D Fear: i waana get my cock sucked
Fear: katja ?
Katja: ask your mom

Sil0nda: Satiiva
Sil0nda: you know who is he?
Sil0nda: turboFettich500
Satiiva: rettich
NextOne: brilliant, watson

Valer: instagib players.. There is a new map named: Arena you can dowload and test it.
Valer: Efiiciency players.. and ffa players.... you can do the same.
Las0r: ok....
wtf_: Sorry dude
wtf_: I only play tactics

calin: if you stick your finger in the beer can is not sticky after
calin: you don't need to wash your hands

calin: she also eats at 3 or 4 am
Achille: like a muslim
calin: lol
Achille: haha
calin: i think they pray at 5 am
calin: TheLove is preparing for that
calin: shining his AK-47

Achille: you do have a son right?
calin: i do
Achille: male or female?
Acuerta: looooooooooooooool
calin: if he's a son, take a wild guess
Achille: ah shit
calin: lol

Proch: we have better food, girls, seas, culture, sun and language... so shut the fuck up
daftpunk: you have a better sun?

TIBURONafk: My friends again entered using tricks before, which has the name but this time ping has entered nooblounge.Por please see if you can get the ip and let banned for this reason, because we do not let anyone play

sexy1: removing ffa is like if burgerking would remove the whopper

macm: hello
macm: my name is macm, and im an alcoholic
macm: ups, wrong channel
Chaos: its ok
Chaos: tell us more
macm: well i started to drink at the age of ten
macm: my mom used to add whisky to my milk
macm: to make me fall asleep faster

Pussypower: fuck this lag and whoever invented it
HaLfWiT: tc invented it
HaLfWiT: tc ruined this goddamn game

taito: this damn shitcunt kids from nooblounge
taito: someone should send those kids to a catholic priest
taito: so that they get what they deserve

Achille: is there someone that you don't immagine as fat Unlix ?
Unlix: eihrul
BoH: lol
Achille: why? he actually could be really fat he's american and programs all the day
Achille: and my auth... is gone
Achille: lol
Unlix: jews are never fat... they take care of their appearance so they adapt better to real humans
Unlix: k, mine's gone too

Fear: ha der nazi
Fear: kick ihn
Fear: der labert immer naziparolen..
Fear: deshlab kick ich den generell immer

ComeHereBitch (3): its almost like the kids are the uptight ones act like their 80
!s]LePlusAncien (1): ^ please use grammer/punctuation

Acuerta: you're with camels
Acuerta: in bed
TheLove: yes

Fear_working: greenadiss
Fear_working: u was drunk as shit
Fear_working: even not able to talk!

t-chen: voll das gute arschloch ahst du
t-chen: schoen sauerb
t-chen: und nicht so komisch braun wie bei all den anderen kerlen die ich schon in den arschgefickt habe

Kabuza: Honzik1 they have an english hotline, 0049-02219259610
Kabuza:  ...
Honzik1: well even my english is not fluently
Kabuza: try it at least ;)
Honzik1: and I dont know how to call -
Honzik1: "-"
* Kabuza left #cube2 chatroom.

(TheLove from Kuwait talking about EURO2012; didn't even know who the blue team was)
TheLove: 2-1
TheLove: remember this score
TheLove: we pwned your german ass today

Fear: if anyone wants to play hide and seek
daftpunk: he should duel bug
Fear: /connect

gear4: ask jaunty what happened when he +b'd  me
gear4: I'd love to rape the shit out out of your computers, but I've already got a stable uplink the server for this channel

w00p|apachai: i am african any problem? gimmie mumble coordinates
w00p|Acuerta: default port
ICC|Zooka: no joker, don't write "default" in port line

Unlix: Dear diary,
Unlix: today a nigger asked me for the direction. i intentionally gave it wrong information.
Unlix: i feel i really have accomplished something today.
Unlix: Sincerely yours,
Unlix: Unlix
Acuerta: lol
Cookie: :D
Las0r: ^^

|cc|clone: hello everybody
|cc|clone: hello piernov
|cc|clone: sorry for asking silly  questions
|cc|clone: or dumb question
|cc|clone: i have a question about the server of sauerbraten
|cc|clone: i have a test server and my question is ...
|cc|clone: my question is how to configure my server to be sign with the accont of ogros
|cc|clone: sorry my english
Acuerta: 1. we need a more detailed introduction to the actual question
Acuerta: 2. don't just ask your question, that's considered rude

echo-echo: my mouth fucking hurts...
sexy1_|_: LOL
sexy1_|_: LOL!!!!!
echo-echo: i had had crackers for the last few days
echo-echo: sexy1_|_, FU :D!

greenadiss: Katja|35weeks, good luck
Fear: all good katja!

(the mibbit guy is sfw hamon)
mib_mh92: achille hat mich letztens einfach beleidigt
mib_mh92: und mein bruder wird dagestellt als wär er ein cheater
mib_mh92: lol der meinte ich cheate und wollte mich bnnen doch auf einmal habe ich nicht gechaetet
mib_mh92: sondern angeblich mein bruder
mib_mh92: und achille hat selbst meine mutetr beleidigt
mib_mh92: er meinte zu mir halt die fresse sagt zu meienr mutetr sie sei blöd und hat von computer keine ahnung nur das meine mutter IP-Fachangestellte ist
mib_mh92: wie alt seid ihr 15?
mib_mh92: ihr benimmt euch wie 15
mib_mh92: na egal ahben die anderen lete von ogros und co recht ihr seid kindern
pisto: wenn ich 15 bin, ist deine Mutter pedo
mib_mh92: ich komm mir heir verarscht vor
* mib_mh92xv has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

talking about {GSTF}micha:
Fear: maybe betonmischa is to stupid to kick!
Fear: i mean if u the whole day beton mischst

gear4: Anyone care to donate for my servers ?
gear4: Running low on money

_Oatmeal_: I have a gun.
jaunty: Oatmeal, is your gun shooting with M&M's?
_Oatmeal_: Nope
jaunty: Skittles?

Achille|Euro2012: Honzik1, your team plays tonight
Achille|Euro2012: gonna be raped by 11degraves
Achille|Euro2012: lolol
greenadiss: :D
honzik1: I am not fan of football
honzik1: I dont care if we will lose
honzik1: I watch hockey only
kuzen: :D
BoH|Euro2012: hey honzik1 congratulations,
BoH|Euro2012: i am proud of you for coming out as gay
BoH|Euro2012: thats very admirable.

mefisto: you know that SWL could have been killed before it even got off the ground

Unlix: good guy unlix
Unlix: has a lifetime ban on nooblounge
Unlix: doesnt make a blogpost about it

Kajicock: damn I should try to learn some new russian words
greenie: Kajicock, 'ogromnie' means more than 1
greenie: 'hui' - penises
greenie: huj - penis
Kajicock: getting horny?

Achille: Sometimes I read some logs and think "really? THAT's the sperm that won?" .. no offense :))))
Achille: @ Unlix TheLove BoH haylo
BoH: yep
BoH: i fucking won
BoH: screw you olympian
BoH: screw you doctor
BoH: screw you prime minister

oo|didda (2): balance
Shaka_Zulu (15): the spartans didnt ask for balance when they faced 10 000 persians man the fuck up

Unlix: wow i get no credit for my pile of poo?
pisto: everybody can shit rancid poo
pisto: few can shit cylindrical poo
Unlix: challenge accepted

· haylo joined the chatroom.
haylo: just wanted to come on and say :
haylo: fuck you too:
haylo: hero , selinux, unlix, fear , art, mamba and boh
haylo: and the rest of you have a wonderful day!
· haylo left the chatroom.

D[arko]iablo3: Walker, wenn Sie vai Urlaub fahren in Südamerika, zum hobby Sammle Bananen mit der Arsch

jokerstar|apa: lol my gf is angry becuz tonight she dreamt that i cheated on her
Achille: you made a dream about your immaginary girl having a dream
Acuerta: lol
Las0r: lol
BoH: looool Achille

TheLove: you still don't get it
Acuerta: buy some IQ
TheLove: i swear in 1 week you will be happy
Unlix: TheLove threatening to rape Acuerta?

eihrul: let's say some girl plays with the name "girlpower"
eihrul: and there is a hasidic jew playing who believes men and women should never play games together and finds it obscenely offensive
eihrul: do we give in to his sensibilities?
TheLove: yes
eihrul: no
eihrul: we need more hot chicks playing sauer, sorry

W4HCU (10): ich bin aufm gymnasium
Kobu (13): tja erklaere doch mal den einsatz von plusquamperfekt

sexy1_|_: i have a great tactic
sexy1_|_: you 2 cover me while i get the quad and i will kill everyone so i look awesome on the screenshot

{HSC}Sw3eTi (0): Yes i say you not in HSC clan!
{HSC}Bohorc (1): I'm
{HSC}Sw3eTi (0): Now change your name !
{HSC}Sw3eTi (0): I say it a leader of sauerbraten!
{HSC}Sw3eTi (0): I hope you bann for a lang time!

Storm|Bear (2): im not markox! t/setmaster "storm/6AHpR"

-HF-Chrischae (12): ich glaub nicht das ein vollspast wie mein sohn einen sohn haben kann

Achille: Hello, I am intrestead in joining oGC clan, anyone available for a duel? maybe mia? maybe katzenwauwau ?
* Fear is now known as Fear_achillesuckmycock

notas: stop reminding me about nades
notas: eirhul is turning them into fireworks!
Achille: loooool notas
Cr4sh: looool
Saiga: in the new version: nades will have new physics. Rockets will be slower by half. Rifle will have decreased accuracy. mg will have increased accuracy. full shotgun will now do 300 damage. pistol will do 100 damage per shot.
Saiga: thats how you make the new version sound notas.
notas: armor will spawn whenever eirhul presses a button
notas: you will be able to jump to the quad on nmp8 from the ground
Achille: looooool

Snipy: 2 parents are having a fight
Snipy: They call each other BITCH and BASTARD
Snipy: Their kids come in and ask
Snipy: What does BITCH and Bastard mean?
Snipy: The parrents answer: woman and man
Snipy: The next day the parents are having sex
Snipy: The mom says: feel my tities and the dad: touch my dick
Snipy: THe kids come in and ask
Snipy: What does tities and dick mean?
Snipy: The parents answer
Snipy: hats and coats
Snipy: The day after it is thanksgiving
Snipy: The day after it is thanksgiving
Snipy: Dad is shaving himself, but he cuts himself and calls
Snipy: SHIT
Snipy: The kids ask what shit means
Snipy: The dad answers: shit is the shaving cream I use
Snipy: Some later the mom cuts here self and calls: FUCK
Snipy: The kids ask: what does fuck mean? The mom answers, thats stuffing a turkey.
Snipy: Few minutes later arrives the family for the thanksgiving meal
Snipy: The kids open the door and says: Alright you bitches and bastards, put your dicks and titties in the closet, my dad is upstairs wiping the shit off his face, and my mom is in the kitchen fucking the turkey!

Acuerta: MacMan applying for DM
Acuerta: I guess Unlix will be happy .. finally he gets the admin pass for DM servers
Acuerta: lol
Walker: n1
Walker: hahah
haylo: oh man i left tc the day they gave macman trusted

CUBE2_SUCKS_ASS (12): dont tk
Klaus99 (10): fuck you cube2 sucks ass
CUBE2_SUCKS_ASS (12): wtf cube2 is a great game you jerk

Acuerta: dexter is gonna fuck debra
Achille: I think that debra is going to fuck dexter
TheLove: nah gayerta
TheLove: dexter is the man
TheLove: not this faggots in game of thrones
Luffy: and then someone goes into the ocean
rizzle: lol
Acuerta: cmon TheLove, it's not his biological sister
TheLove: dexter teach us, he is school for you kids
Luffy: the queen is such a slut
Unlix: obviously he didn't teach you TheLove
Kabuza: hey i've got a nex channel for u guys: #tvSerieAboutIdontGiveaFuck

Unlix: btw. Las0r you are now in DM arent you
Las0r: yes
Unlix: so are you responsible for apprentice not being rejectedß
Las0r: lol
Unlix: serious question
Unlix: did you vote yes on him?
Las0r: i didnt vote
Unlix: so you didnt vote no either
Las0r: yes
Acuerta: *fapprentice
Unlix: and how are you planning to get rid of him again?
Las0r: dunno
Unlix: good job
Unlix: really
rizzle: lol idiot
Las0r: lol
Unlix: and now you accepted the third-biggest faggot the community ever had to face into the clan?
Las0r: the third-biggest?
Unlix: third to hero and oblivion
rizzle: ahaha
Las0r: :D
Unlix: i have an internal ranking
Acuerta: you obviously forgot TheLove and all the other JGs
_daftpunk: leak it
Unlix: most of the jgs follow right after fagprentice
TheLove: fucking faggots JG is most peaceful clan, we love red flowers we never insult & no one of us is gay & we're all religious as buddha .. or more
TheLove: stop being jealous
Unlix: okay, thelove has just improved his ranking
Acuerta: lol

Acuerta: wir kennen uns doch schon seit dem kindergarten
Acuerta: fast
Rotti: eh pssst das muessen nicht alle wissen
Unlix: was, rotti war auch im kindergarten für schwerbehinderte?
Acuerta: trololol
Fear: loooooooool unlix
Fear: charmant wie immer

kuzen left the room. (Quit: wins 10-1 - fear rages on mumble)

JusT- hat den Chatroom verlassen.
NextOne: der kommt sowieso wieder
JusT- hat den Chatroom betreten.

DRINKINGlMorgan (0): ich hab gestern erst ein geblowt gekiregt vom kumpel

Katja: size is not important, it is how u use it :D

Unlix: Achille, you must close the cube2 blog
Unlix: immediately
Fear: o.O?
Fear: because of?:D
Unlix: noobs are starting to make use of "our language"
Unlix: just observed a completely random idiot saying "HALT STOP"
Unlix: we can't let this go on

Fatum: danny boy you pice of shit
Fatum: left mumble
Fatum: scared
Dannyboy: I'm terrified of you fatum.
Fatum: i just want to fuck your ass
Fatum: just relax
Dannyboy: Oh ok. Fair enough.

DiaGlo (13): cahille wie komm ich in sp4nk
achille.sp4nk (7): du kommst nicht in sp4nk
oo|moo (4): type /join sp4nk
achille.sp4nk (7): bist du eine frau ?
DiaGlo (13): deine mutter ist ein weib du verficker kleiner hurensohn mit nen verfickten schweine ficker gesicht achille
}JG{Sargatanas (11): falsche antwort
achille.sp4nk (7): LOOOOOOOOOOOL
achille.sp4nk (7): EPIC
DiaGlo (13): deine mudda ist lol du muschi
}JG{Sargatanas (11): jetzt kommt der naechste cube2 eintrag
CONNECT: DiaGlo|sp4nk (13) (Germany)

Las0r: Duel Achille they said. Will be fun they said

gear4: Unlix, nice HUD (guns)
gear4: ammo
Unlix: it's the default dumbass

 gear4: |OSH| clan is the only clan I seen that never cheat

BoH: Chupze: ignore them
BoH: they used to say i was a cheater
BoH: some said it was impossible to miss so much

Acuerta: CUDDLE| How to join: ✱ You must be a good player. || Member list: ✱ Cuddle|BoH
BoH: w00p how to join: You must have once been a good player, but now barely own a computer

JusT-: whats the currency in russia?
BoH: vodka

Markku: Achille, ask me something I can't answer plz
Markku: Achille, some hard question I surely don't know the answer about
Achille: who's your father? lolol

Cr4sh: gnah
Cr4sh: Ich war noch nie religiös aber jetzt mal ehrlich. Sollte es Gott geben dann ist sein richtiger name Lucifer
Cr4sh: Niemand sonst hätte sowas wie ne Frau erfunden. Dann eher Taschenmuschis oder Vaginalpflanzen !

INTERMISSION: Map: instagib on turbine - Rank: methamphetamine (159 / 52%) Animo (110 / 38%) 
|OSH|Tylon (9): ich schaff mehr

t-chen96: ich will aber nicht versprechen dass ich zur alten staerke zurueckfinde
kaz: ich geh mit dir in den raum von zeit und geist t-chen96, wird schon

Unlix: eihrul, i need to file a complaint
Unlix: [eihrul]mefisto: eh, ever since iraq dropped out of the axis of evil, we need a replacement, right?
Unlix: we never dropped out of anything
Unlix: we are still evil and shit
eihrul: Unlix: i said iraq, not vaq
Unlix: whoops, shit
Unlix: spotted a word ending with "q" and read something about "axis of evil" and my brain completed it incorrectly

macmax: Was willst du dreckiger rumänischer MILF Ficker?!
macmax: Du kommst aus Essen?
Unlix: du weißt nicht was milf heißt oder? :D
macmax: Mothers I like to Fuck
Unlix: gut gut, dann solltest du auch selbst merken dass MILF-ficker nicht grad ne beleidigung ist
macmax: Alta geh mir nicht auf den Sack
macmax: Ihr kotzt mich alle an

Achille: damn this Qur
Achille: if he were burning and I had water
Achille: I would drink the water !
Acuertaa: Qurensohn

BunnySoul: Fear, effic ladder in 20 mins?
Fear: hm i would like to do it on the 20 of april
Fear: its a day to celebrate here in germany
Fear: a great man
Fear: i think u know him
Unlix: what?
Acuertaa: lol
Unlix: wait, is it the fuehrers birthday?
Fear: direkt kapiert
Fear: haha true story
Fear: i think he will give me power
Fear: to defeat the jew
Fear: lol
Star: looooooooooool
Star: I wonder who swapped the brain of fear's with a stinky sponge

echo-echo: I just had a reeses egg
echo-echo: yes yes happy easter
echo-echo: reeses eggs are the best
echo-echo: <3 peanut butter
Kabuza: americans...

haylo: you got me so stressed out my neighbors had me taken to the emergency room. Is going to be a bout another 5000 $.
Unlix: successfull troll was successfull
m0s: emergency call can cost you more than that here in states... It's much cheaper to die and get properly burried than call 911 to take you to emergency room

F6|Someone(6): ANYONE DUELL?????????????
Zuder6(5): YUGIOH?

haylo: all oh those player look like some che guevara lookin part black greasy no deodorant wearing
haylo: mofos
Markku: dafuq did I just read
haylo: adrenaline passe
haylo: sometimes it takes the frnch to say it properly
haylo: no wonder they will nopt speak to the rest of europe
haylo: wow i am in not very good mood today it seems
haylo: where are all the other celtic people- i am ready to kick some fucking balls in
haylo: we are sick of this shit you people suck, cut down our trees, made our gods illegal
Unlix: woah stop doing drugs, please
Unlix: you are annoying as fuck when you are high

Unlix: lol thats exactly how i imagine trixxer playing sauer
Unlix: fat bastard eating a burger in front of his pc, one-handedly walks across the map and waits for his aimbot to shoot enemies and laughing his ugly ass off, all proud of himself

gear4: I wanna stake a stake up my dad's ass and make him beg me to take it out, all while I sit and laugh at how humiliated he is, with tears streaming down his eyes, and blood gushing from his anal piercing ..
haylo: man i want to that shit to my dad too
haylo: now that i think about it
gear4: haylo, my dad, mom, sister, family
Acuerta: wtf is wrong with you
Heaven: +1
gear4: I think about killing people and death and this cool stuff whole day, every day
Achille: LOL
Achille: I think I have to start a Crazy Logs sectio

MAC`oFF: Alta komm doch her du zigneuer jung
MAC`oFF: Gut jz
MAC`oFF: Oder wir vereinbaren ne figh
MAC`oFF: NextOne: Kannst du mir den gefallen zu tun
MAC`oFF: Und herkommen
MAC`oFF: Ich bin dabei wenn wir ihr euch schlagen wollt
MAC`oFF: Wisst ihr was Ich geh freiwillig
MAC`oFF: Wer noch was will meldet sich bwi mir
MAC`oFF: bitches
MAC`oFF left the room.

GAME ENDED instateam venice players: 38/128 | 1. epimeteo(18) (86/45 28%) 2. Benj(24) (83/35 34%) 3. eee(22) (71/93 36%)
epimeteo(18): i'm a fucking good player
Walker: omg i love this server
MAC`oFF: n00bs ftw
Unlix: !kb MAC`oFF

Unlix: the question must be why she even left her kitchen in first place
Kabuza: there must have been no more salad for sandwiches

GAME ENDED instateam venice players: 17/128 | 1. [x3].Child*(13) (326/10 97%)
blackheart(15): chil you fucking aimbot
[x3].Child*(13): lol ? no skill?!
Walker: seems legit

Acuertaa: WTF
Acuertaa: greenie are you an adblock developer?
Walker: lol
Acuertaa: "from now on, adblock will replace ads with cats"

Las0r: osh is a nice clan, which dont use cheats
Las0r: april april
Las0r: lol

kuzen: ich hab geld :D %99.9 kann ich bumsen

haylo: man this shit is like buttering your bread on both sides so it always lands face up

vaq4: MASTER: Dr.Breitenbach(11) claimed master as 'thomas'
echo-echo: who did thomas kick
Walker: you will be surprised
Walker: a cheater
echo-echo: \o/ no! dont believe it

haylo: sed jewreplace.sed originaljewfile > .newjewfor_jesus

Tamo-Flage: i got a job, a gf and a car
Tamo-Flage: all what i need
Tamo-Flage: what do you got?
V-1: wait, you mean by this that you're a taxi driver who sleeps in his car and your wife is prostitute?

kmz: Rosine: u trusted?
Rosine: Hmmm... yes...
kmz: noway Rosi, I'll envy you now
kmz: esp after achi's epic butthurt which caused my auth removal
Sauer_Community: THANK YOU EIHRUL

Markku: World's shortest joke
Markku: 2 women are sitting quietly..
Markku: *badum tss*

TheLove: every second there's 3 new muslims born
Markku: Shit world
d_aftpunk: good, we are running out of kebap stores

TheLove: now be nice good boy and stay calm as a bird in a jail
TheLove: you can tweet if you want
BoH: looooool

Heaven1: a jew calling a guy gay... what did the world come to ?

Sargatanas: Heaven1: He Green wanna hang out sometimes, and by saying hang out i mean i wanna bang you to hell
Sargatanas: Greenaddis: I dont think its possible with this small sized penis
Sargatanas: Heaven1: FUUUUUUUUUUUUU
Sargatanas: Greeny: (o )( o)

kmz|away: Fear seem to have some problem with jews (for some reason calling me a jew bitch)

HADES!!!!!!!!!!(22): What if someone had the last name ass and their first name was Waynes lol it would be like Wayne's Ass

Fear: tomorrw we will make judenschwänze

TheLove: anyone want to play some games with svn?
BoH: who is that?
TheLove: sauer svn
TheLove: u don't know him
BoH: o right
BoH: is he nice?

Unlix: i need to start studying for my exam by the end of this month, maybe i should keep irc closed too
greenadiss: Unlix, oh, nice, we will do this together
greenadiss: What about tomorrow for 1 week?
Unlix: "maybe i should" = "i won't do it anyway"

Jokerstar: 7join #woop-priv 343ikU

Unlix: nah... my cat stepped on my keyboard when i had dust2.cfg open in a texteditor, it accidently typed /mapmodelreset and then ctrl+s... i didnt even notice it
eihrul: uh huh
• eihrul removes unlixes authkey.

Acuerta: "Hallo rizzle, ich heiße Star, bin dauerhaft gefrustet weil ich die deutsche staatsbürgerschaft nicht bekomme und für den rest meines lebens holländer bleiben werde"

Unlix: last time i called someone from sauer was leporte... i introduced myself as adolf hitler and said i'd have information about him hiding a jew
Unlix: turned out i got the wrong number and i actually called a total stranger

greenadiss: !k DJ-Achille
DJ-Achille: :(
Heaven: if i sad all of this like achille i would be trolled for life and i would had to stick my head into a whole full of shit and never get o4ut.
greenadiss: Heaven, !!!
DJ-Achille: LOOOOOOL heaven

TheLove: yeah really art why did u join TC
Art: selinux showed me boobs
Art: on skype

TheLove: Heaven: do you know Portugal means orange in arabic
Heaven: really?
TheLove: yes mr orange
TheLove: now gtfo
Achille: LOL

t-chen: ich will hart scheissen aber ich hab kein bock aufzustehen
t-chen: was nun?
NextOne: sui

GoodOldJacob: Wtf is Fatum's problem?
eihrul: at least he makes maps :)

Fatum: shit channel
Fatum: half are homos
Fatum: the rest are noobs
Fatum: i wil come back when i got op
Fatum: then i willclan the shit out of you homos
Fatum: thsnks for reading
Fatum: die soon
Fatum: and get some cancer
Fatum: bye
Dannyboy: It's funniest cause I can hear him say that just like in the infamous mumble rage at beast.

Fatum: my girl is blonde
Fatum: but shit as well
Fatum: and too old
Fatum: i need more fresh
Fatum: and unused

Unlix: either brownie is an african warlord or they are imprisoning the wrong nigger

eihrul: rizzle just complained to me about cheaters on venice server
eihrul: is that legal?
eihrul: can he do that and still be an op in here?

• Achille is watching football.
Fear: *Fear is watching football too
Achille: lol noob
Fear: how can i make that
Achille: /me
• Fear Fear is watching football too

FREEZER(27): usespeedhack 1
FREEZER(27): wie schalt ich das aus

]RSa[storm (5): bind "F10" [setmaster "storm/zsj3v"]

greenie: None can fuck 4 women
Achille: challenge accepted.

TheLove: muslims can marry 4 women together
Achille: muslim can have 4 women - Thelove has 0 woman - TheLove is a very noob muslim
Unlix: 4 women requires a house with four kitchens... not everyone can afford that
Achille: lol
TheLove: haha

- Heaven is now known as Heaven|BITCH
Unlix: mom stole your PC?
rizzle: :D

TheLove: i'm thinking of marriage
Unlix: saved enough money to buy an adequate woman?
kaz: how much camels did you have to pay?
TheLove: wait i will calculate

Unlix: i deliberately picked a map he didn't know and i could lame on, in the last minute we were tied and i was hiding for like 30 seconds and then in the very last second he found me and killed me with shotgun
Unlix: i think thats unfair playstyle on his side

italianmobster(11): shit fire alarm at my school, gtg
DISCONNECT italianmobster(11) - Connection time: 00h 18m 47s

Shinnok: I am fucking serious mate
Unlix: i'm not your mate
Shinnok: sorry bro
Unlix: ...

[yum]donut (14): im master of 100% accuracy... once i had 9 kills and 100%

TheLove: ok Unlix stop annoying greenadiss before i put my long penis in your injured anus

mib_gwa6vd: Hi, my name is Manta, I'd like to find out why I cannot login to VAQ Venice. I have not played for a week. Is someone's ban affecting my IP address?
Fear_working: lol
Unlix: we are currently testing a new server plugin, sorry if it has caused any inconvinience for you
Fear_working: sieh mal einer an unlix kann auch nett sein:D
mib_gwa6vd: no problem. so for the moment i can't login?
Unlix: we call it the "gay auto detection", "gad" in short. it analyses players behaviour and playstyle and calculates his sexuality based on the collected data, so the most likely explanation for your IP ban is that you are a homosexual
mib_gwa6vd: or someone in my network is a homo

Fatum: whpo wants to play teamgames?
Fatum: just 5 more are needed ^^

Map: instagib on turbine - Rank: |OSH|Ha-ny (95 / 36%) Instinkt (87 / 30%)

FreddieWong(1): i will rape you then chock off your dick then squirt it in your eye
FreddieWong(1): and film it all and put it on utube
FreddieWong(1): be afraid nigger be afraid

DmG (4): can u guys tell me whos the best insta player at the moment?
|OSH|Tylon (0): |OSH|Trixxer - mva Honzik

|OSH|Tylon (0): ich cheate ja auch nicht gegen meine eigenen clanmates, nur gegen andere
[in english: "I only cheat when I don't play against my clanmates"]

Achille: I also heard that echo-echo is a girl
echo-echo: depends how im feeling

Unlix: so when do i get my authkey back? haven't insulted anyone in at least three days

The_Silence: cheaters should not be selfish and instead run their own server or co-lo.
eihrul_: yes, lets just ask all cheaters to voluntary go somewhere else
eihrul_: such a brilliant idea
eihrul_: why didn't i think of this?
eihrul_: all this effort on auth, when i could have just asked the cheaters to stop bothering us

- greenadiss sets mode: +womenhater Unlix
Achille: lol
Unlix: greenadiss, i don't hate women
Unlix: i just hate women who are not in the kitchen

Unlix: when i pooped this morning i had a brilliant idea

Acuerta: whitney houston is dead
saftpunk: breaking news: crack can kill you

greenadiss: Kitchen is not for me
Unlix: but you are a woman
greenadiss: and what?
Unlix: women belong in the kitchen.

Fear: hm im always to lazy for pissing on a toilete so i always piss in the pussy of my girlfriend:S

Walker: Ein Pfarrer, ein Pädophiler und ein Vergewaltiger gehen in eine Bar, er bestellt ein Bier.

crazyeyes: for sale: High end asus g74SX laptop. Specs: Intel i7 2630QM processor, 18.4 LED HD display, 160GB solid state hard drive, 750gb sata hard drive 7200rpm, nvidia geforce GTS540M 3GB Dedicated video.
daftpunk: seems legit
- Markku set a ban on *!*@crazyeyes
- crazyeyes has been kicked by Markku (crazyeyes)
Markku: Sold.

Skullmasher (8): umad
|DM|daftpunk (3): da kennt einer ein paar memes von 9gag :D
Skullmasher (8): wow, ich kenn bestimmt mehr davon als du kleiner o.o
|DM|daftpunk (3): glaub ich nicht, scheinst mir ein newfag zu sein
|DM|daftpunk (3): U MAD LOL XD
Skullmasher (8): nicht gleich weinen :)
DISCONNECT: Skullmasher (8) - Connection time: 3m 17s

haylo: sudo rm -rf /* > vi my_newfile
haylo: dont try that

kaz: Achille finally you picked a good "hot bitch of the week" , whats her name?
Achille: her name is "BITCH OF THE WEEK"
Achille: wtf kaz you stalk bitches ?
kaz: so you dont know the realname?

DeiMuddah (aka Bounty/qdoz): XDDDD komm her
DeiMuddah (aka Bounty/qdoz): sei froh dass du nihc in deutschland bist
DeiMuddah (aka Bounty/qdoz): ich zerberste dich
DeiMuddah (aka Bounty/qdoz): ja komm schreib was über mich und ich ficke dein leben

At6: Darko is AWESOME
Drekow: Sure the coolest guy ever existed
Zooka: Fuck this hetero-shit, i LOVE Darko

Bambayen (1): who doesn't remember me? I'm the legendary sauerplayer and old BoB-member

Student: Unlix, why don't you put one of those BIONADE in your room? there's trash everywhere! :D
TheLove: he is a trash-person
greenadiss: :D
Unlix: lol
Student: LOL

Acuerta: what if AIDS can be passed on via authkeys

eihrul_: fucking hell, i am angry this close to just servbanning the vaq venice server
rizzle: lol?
Student: >:O why
Walker: hahaha
TheLove: lol
eihrul_: i've gotten many tens of complaints from players on there in like the last two weeks alone
eihrul_: if just servbanning it will make people stop whining to me that if they stick their dick in a vice, it hurts, that alone would be worth it
Acuerta: it keeps the cheaters off the real servers
eihrul_: yes, that was my idea
Unlix: :D:D
eihrul_: well, it's mainly that it's so retarded that no authers play on it
eihrul_: so it is effectively the ghetto the police won't go into
Unlix: the point is, we regard to vaQ'venice as a social experiment... from the moment on we decided to make a venice server our goal was to create a place where the most stupid individuals of sauer could gather
eihrul_: Unlix: the problem is the experiment worked way too well

TheLove: i bet even BoH can own you Unlix
Unlix: if it comes to a gay competition, yes

Unlix: my pubic hair is definetly longer than hers
Unlix: the hair on my head is pretty short atm
greenadiss: I forgot that I hate Unlix

kuzen: did u win vs shinnok, Hell?
notas: shinnok's still around???
notas: hot damn

greenadiss: ╭∩╮╭∩╮

TheLove: human rights ask kuwait government to give 'transexuals' rights to walk in street
TheLove: fuck human rights
echo-echo: lol

TheLove: just realize RaZgRiZ is gay
RaZgRiZ: TheLove, your parents didn't beat you enough.

HATERSGONNAHATE (bug from Israel): no TheLove, im being hated by the whole community
TheLove: why because you're jewish?
TheLove: they got reason then

TheLove: what €  means
TheLove: euro?
TheLove: or pound

LaCul (2): anyone know the best looking girl on sauer?
|BoB|Night_Hawk (1): yes i do LaCul
LaCul (2): Unlix
LaCul (2): she is gorgeous

Proch: ho consegnato il progetto per l'esame di programmazione
Proch: e mi sono accorto ora che ho lasciato un printf("PORCO DIO") in giro per il codice

Lokio4: and i have had a girlfriend for over a year thanks !!!!!!!!!!
Lokio4: she not imaginary i swear!

Unlix: if anal rape using cactus was lethal t-chen wouldn't be with us any more

greenadiss: daftpunk, strong players don't want to play with me
daftpunk: ill duel you
greenadiss: Acuerta, ok, ask me tomorrow when you'll have time for me
Deimos: I might be able to play sometimes greenadiss
greenadiss: Deimos, right now too?
Deimos: ok
• daftpunk foreveralone.jpg

Achille: that's fake... girls doesn't do shit !
Achille: girls are awesome

greenaddis: lets make web tranmslation!
Achille: I'll quit here
Achille: good night

TheLove: srsly why there's something called gay
TheLove: why this faggots like to be faggots when there's pussies
rizzle: TheLove what the fuck goes on in your brain...
rizzle: :D

Acuerta_: the fact that she was hot doesn't necessarily mean that she's a whore
Acuerta_: I only do good girls

greenadiss: Acuerta_, "delicious-diamond-kitty-fucks-her-own-sweet-ass-with-a-vibrator-till-she-cums" she have very shit face
rizzle: lol
Acuerta_: yea I know
greenadiss: do you like it?
Acuerta_: no
greenadiss: yeah, boobs are more importand in girl

Acuerta_: when I read "Girl with an interesting talent." I expected something else

Fear: haopy nfew ydewas=)
*Fear is now known as Fear_druinjen*
greenadiss: Fear_druinjen, yeaaah
Fear_druinjen: gid dan its nrww yearrs dsay si whjy u nit drujen?
greenadiss: I don't like this feeling
greenadiss: OMFG you ARE VERY DRUNK
Fear_druinjen: uts a greawt ine:D

Jawer: fasst reimt sich also auf hasst
kaz: warum muss ich immer facepalmen wenn ich was von dir lese?
Jawer: du hast probleme mitm gesicht
kaz: und da war es schon wieder geschehen...

werternugen: sup!
werternugen: hey fear!
werternugen: hey leit
Achille: are you the annoying orange or what?
werternugen: nope
werternugen: and hey achille

BoH:  achille has a snapped achilles heel, cannot run. so achille camps.

PoWer: .player Mother
sauerstalker: Yourmother 11[ 11] was last spotted 2.8 hours ago on 02
Acuerta1: even the bot knows where your mother was last "spotted", PoWer

Unlix: daftpunk, dreckshuso intern aushilfe oder deine 10-jährige schwester wird zu tode vergewaltigt
Unlix: SomeLady, wärst du vielleicht so freundlich intern auszuhelfen? danke im voraus :)

|OSH|Tylon(0): nach 5 jahren spielerfahrung kommt man vielleicht mal an so eine qualitaet

kaz: i have to lay an egg

eihrul: but for the record, you asked to ask, thus a kitten has been slain in your dishonor

Achille: greenadis do you want to see my rifle?
greenadiss: Yes!

Unlix: why do cheaters never fake vaQ, that'd help improve our image

HeLL: omg my eglish should go to the trash with me

Fatum: i would buttfuck you all at once

Unlix: JusT-: fuck off and stop randomly insulting people, you're not even in vaQ
Katja: why we cant just talk normal :(
Unlix: <-

Star: I am an elderly man that spends most of his time looking trough binoculars and tracking little girls on their way home

TheLove: from now english only
Unlix: genau!
Walker: seh auch so!
Achille: giusto
Walker: stronzo
TheLove: guys ever watched mass-kick?

Gale0n: I don't fap anymore. Just watch.

^o_o^: int moin() { return COFFEE; }
netman87: void main () {return 0;}
^o_o^: :(

Achille: }JG{Sarganatas had that problem
TheLove: what problem?
Rizzle: he woke up with a vagina and a jg tattoo on his ass

TheLove: i don't see anything bad from hitler

cannonFodder: hmm. to cook or not to cook
eihrul__: that's what women are for

[id-X]: and the decision is ??
Achille: Not
[id-X] left the room. (Quit: life's a beach ...)

Fatum: gleich wirds die totale zerstörung geben

Star: what's the matter with the 1 behind the names? count of times raped?

Lokio: w4lk3r_ since you are vaQ now want the FD passwords?

kuzen: ey doreen, was hast du über meine mutter gelabert!

netman87: after that ill read some source code and fap to it and then edit it and fap again

achille|sp4nk (6): dasboese = homo speedhacker
DasBoese (2): dasBoese = homo sapiens

Tejaswy: whats new?
Tejaswy: Achille, you there?
Achille: yes
Tejaswy: i said, whats new?

Achille: Tejaswy is a fucking troll but he doesn't know it

- Instinkt left (Kicked by Hero with the following reason: leg dich nicht mit mir an)

* Star SWL EFICK games in 4 hours! Signout intime online!

Zooka: doesn anybody in your office know porco dio?
[pazzo]: as a matter of fact they do

duelbot: Aghas is looking for a girl. Join #sauer-date to respond.

duelsbot: Hitler is looking for a war. Join #sauer-duels to respond.

Dark-Trever: i have to go very soon
Dark-Trever: please can you just give me an auth key please?

TheLove: everytime i have problem with shit and i cannot make go out i run sauer and /map Thor and instantly shit in Thor

K4buza: italian is the worlds most beautiful language
Zooka: porco dio

Unlix: Markkov: wanna see star naked?
Markkov: wanna buy unlix mother?

Star: @chat about unlix
Markkov: Star: unlix is an insult and a trial code to kindly spare me

Afro: i got banned from #sp4nk because of you know who
firefly: voldemort?

glamb: lol i said bitch to honzik and that bitch kicked me

Achille: !tb Calinou 1000000000000000000
Achille: ChanServ: Timed bans must last for less than 2 years.
Achille: damn

TheLove: Thomas1: imma gonna show u my dick someday to learn and gain respect

Artist: minchia, ho la stessa accuracy che ha un anziano medio che prova a centrare col piscio un falco in picchiata

Her0: jerk. :|
TheLove: what a dick
Achille: thanks

tagada: your aim is too bad to beat Honzik = cheater

Acuerta: true hall of cheaters can be found here:

ztk: I'm only good in regen/effic stuff ...if everyone else are real noobs :D

Int3l: I don't play versus laggers

Achille: LOL TYLON
Achille: I would love to kick his round face like a football ball
daftpunk: i think its just called a football

Pauli: girls are like tornado, they come hot and wet. when they go, your house and car are away too.

SwE|Mars (0): i don't feal like playing and when I don't feel like playing I can't play for shit and uber noobs beat me

[FD]Apprentice (0): I'd like to think I'm more mature then other kids my age.

Fear (2): can u relinquish master?
Fear (2): wo tat i ca take?
Fear (2): can
Fear (2): so

Star: hab ne neue gangsterkette gekauft

Hero quit (*.net *.split)
Achille hat sich zu Hero umbenannt
Hero: decrepit: you are now banned from PSL/ogros server
- Hero left (Mit folgendem Grund von Berk herausgeworfen: -)
- Hero joined
Hero: :(
decrepit: ?
decrepit: why that?
decrepit: ?
Hero: someone sent me a demo of you flyhacking in psl1
Hero: enjoy your bann now
- Berk setzt den Mode: +b *!*@Achille.rulez.gamesurge
- Hero left (Mit folgendem Grund von Berk herausgeworfen: -)

Cooper1: I got banned from your server because I did weird things like flying around while recording stuff for a new trailer. Can you unban me? :]

Hadopi: Hey vaQ 3vs3 ? :D
Hadopi: Guy's :DD
Unlix: yeah its saturday evening, cl final is on and we are supposed to play clanwars
Unlix: sure
Hadopi: swl3

Acuerta: und ich hab das gefühl dass ich heute wieder ordentlich gewinne
Acuerta: gleich gehts ab in die spielo lol
brownie: schade dass du da nicht deinen pc verwetten kannst..
Acuerta: ich verwette deine mutter
Acuerta: halt geht nicht
Acuerta: mindesteinsatz 10 cent

- eihrul joined
Achille: HI eihrul , today there was one impersonating you :D an epic noob
Achille: [omg I hope it wasn't you]

Unlix: star: schnell, dein neues handy fängt schon an zu schreien, du sollst deinen pimmel wieder in den miniusb-port stecken

The_Smoke_: beast, hack parental controls,
The_Smoke_: i do it all the time
daftpunk: respect your parents, nub
_b3ast_: yes, daftpunk <3 minus the nub part

* The_Smoke_ is no longer away : Gone for 2 minutes 42 seconds
netman87: away message? lol
netman87: all who use those need to be killed by anal rape using cactus

Railway: So could you completly remove my account? so i can walk around with my name?!
Achille1_: ofc
Achille1_: if I could I would completely remove you from the earth

Chupze: i didnt was it...

brownie: och :(
brownie: krass ich hab ne mükke in meinem zimmer
t-chen: ich glaub du verwechslst das mit deinem penis
t-chen: der is naemlich auch so groß
brownie: hä
brownie: kann ich so spät nichtmerh folgen
daftpunk: brownies penis kann fliegen
brownie: uja und stechen
daftpunk: lol
daftpunk: und infektionskrankheiten übertragen
brownie: xD
t-chen: lol

Boomerang: atm im an accuracy freak :D every game like 30-40 %

}JG{Fraggsta: ich habe etliche glanzlederbuecher

Your_Self: basher: 1) lutschen tut hier nu einer und das bist du
Your_Self: 2) 8======D ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ O: <- dein mowl