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Cube2 records

A new section called "Cube2 records" has been launched.
" The records are supposed to range from rather serious ones like "most frags in mass instagib" to also funny stuff like "most chainsaw frags in a duel" etc. In short: Whatever record you want to have posted in here, just suggest it in #cube2 or to some of the blogadmins and there's a good chance that it will be posted :) "
So if you have some nice screenshots, give it a try!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

some:body: the new cheater

Everybody WELCOME some:body: in the Hall of Cheaters !!!

Hopefully he'll be banned soon, but for the moment everyone should know that he uses cheats (autoshot) and doesn't even hide it very well.
Apparently he uses an OSH client wich he loves so much that he doesn't want to play not even a single minute with another client like let's say.. an anticheat client !!!!

FUCK YOU some:body: !!

Your sauerbraten community (except that faggot of OrbiiTx)

Edit (by Acuerta)
2 demos that show some:body: duelling against Cookie and Sativa, recorded on PSL servers today.
(doesn't mean I support this cheating-theory :P)

some:body: used to play as ]RS[2More till some months ago. He confirmed that himself.
He probably changed name and clan because he was beeing called cheater by almost everybody.
Interesting right? :)

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Memes 9: Am I the only one

Memes 9: Am I the only one

Help us adding new memes any time! #cube2

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Y not |OSHomo|Tylon?

I am glad to announce that yet another bum bandit has been "exposed" (oh god, not in the literal meaning..)
It's none other than our favorite cheater Tylon :D

translated into english language:

With his coming out we already know about at least 2 homosexual OSH members ..
This banner was found on their website:

A thought occured to me:  (to be fair: Markku's cheating past is over since a very long time)

Seals' expert comment on the topic:

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