Monday, April 30, 2012

Asylum and PSL .. what really happened

Asylum recieved the "wallhack-skill" and went to play PSL tournament
Personalize funny videos at Bombay TV by Grapheine - Agence de communication

After he won the tournament, he got banned because of cheating

Personalize funny videos at Bombay TV by Grapheine - Agence de communication

Hero pays Thomas to kick Asylum and his clan
Personalize funny videos at Bombay TV by Grapheine - Agence de communication

Hero goes to finals and has to play tenshi for the title
Personalize funny videos at Bombay TV by Grapheine - Agence de communication

...but he gets raped
Personalize funny videos at Bombay TV by Grapheine - Agence de communication

Asylum is banned and tenshi becomes instagib grandchampion
Personalize funny videos at Bombay TV by Grapheine - Agence de communication
but where is Asylum gone? Will he ever come back?
Personalize funny videos at Bombay TV by Grapheine - Agence de communication

Zooka and dogs

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Friday, April 27, 2012

A discussion with an oo| admin

Welcome in the club methos !

Mefisto still classiest man alive.

<BoH>mefisto: michael1 sandman Thomas1 Thomas1
<BoH>good job admins :d
<BoH>good job.
<mefisto>BoH: eh?
<BoH>44 minutes
<BoH>naturally, after that amount of time the problem has been removed
<mefisto>that sounds like the kind of attitude I hear at work
<mefisto>from customers who are paying me money
<BoH>albeit difficultly
<mefisto>tell you what
<mefisto>why don't you sign up for an ogros premium support account, which will give you contractually guaranteed 10 minute response times
<mefisto>it's only $1297 a month

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Walker forever alone

A few thoughts on the Chupze-Case

Hey bitches,
i know you were expecting me to publish funny troll-content, but given recent events it looks like my first contribution to this blog will deal with a serious matter.
For those of you who haven't watched this evenings SWL-matches i will quickly sum up what happened: JG won the iCTF qualifiers, kicking w00p and vaQ out of the tournament. After both games various participants and spectators accused Chupze of using aim-hacks. Due to the matches being played without Anti-Cheat-Client there is at least the possibility he did. The SWL-Admins promised to review the demos and ban Chupze from the tournament if they find him guilty of cheating.

And this is where the problems begin: How can they tell? How can anyone tell? Like i said before the games were played without an anti-cheat-client, leaving us with only what we can see in the demos to base our judgement on.
The demos show the matches "from the servers perspective", so to speak, they resemble only the data received by the server. They don't contain any information on what's been going on client-side. We can watch the demos over and over again and point to suspicious frags, but how can we ultimately tell if they were just lucky-shots or the result of an aimbot/triggerbot? Also i'm not sure how the demos are affected by ping differences, it's quite possible they are not even 100% accurate.
By the way, personally i am convinced Chupze used cheats. Chupze is a great player for sure, you can tell by his impressive jumping-skills on reissen. But we can't deduce from that he hasn't turned on his cheats on occassions, just to make sure }JG{ would not accidentaly lose the match despite their potential. Some of the more important shots Chupze hit looked really strange and very similar to what i've seen from other people who evidently used cheats. This, combined with the fact some of his former clanmates (who i trust) testified he has access to cheats and used them frequently during public games, lead me to the conclusion he must be a hacker.
However, this is yet another problem. Clearly i'm not neutral on this matter since it was my clan he allegedly cheated against. And let's be honest, neither are most of the SWL-Admins. TheLove is his clanmate, KaZ was victim of his cheats. This means Achille will need to decide this case alone, forced to speak a verdict without real evidence.
This is a tough situation. Not banning chupze from the tournament will most likely result in a shitstorm because it all looks so obvious. Banning him on the other hand is likely to result in a shitstorm too because there's no real evidence. And you can't blame either side for being upset.
However, there is one thing you should bear in mind: If Chupze get's banned from SWL, it's his own fault. He's been caught cheating before, he must have been aware of the danger of losing his credibility. If people believe he's still cheating it's because of a mistake HE made in the past. And although there might be no way for us to prove he used cheats during this evenings games, he must not be surprised so many of us are absolutely certain he did.

Text written by Unlix

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ace forever alone

Friday, April 13, 2012

How to provoke a gamer

Shinnok and mVa

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

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SomeLady Good Girl

The Hanuta Boy

mother of pedobear o_o

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micha vs tylon


List of Cheaters

From now on, we're going to list all cheaters we find.
We'll write all about them and how to find them.. No Mercy!
Have a look at the new page: The Hall of Cheaters.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Qur's Method

Wait.. what? HALT STOP!

Trolling Lvl: Unlix

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Stupid Cheater is stupid

Name: Hmpft
Other Names: Bilbo, -_The_One_
Accuracy in duels: 50%-65%
Accuracy in public games: 97%-100%
Aimbot: yes √
Autoshot: yes √
Wallhack: no
Brain: what is that
Tried to make new identities: yes √
Does he admit he cheats: u mad bro? I am just skilled

Demo download - At the 7th-8th min you'll see "Hmpft connected from Germany", spec him !

Here you'll find the trailer of the demo:

Friday, April 6, 2012

cactus vs t-chen

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dexter plays cube2

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New release

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dobro the troll

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The End.

1st of April 2012 - Cube2Blog is going to die.

After a long discussion with the most intresting man of sauer world: mefisto, and the most powerful man of the same world: Carl; all the authors of this blog (Achille, KaZ, Unlix..) decided that the game is over.

The goal of the discussion was to find a way to unify the two sauer communities in one, without loosing fun. But when Achille said 'the blog will stay online', Carl answered with 'HALT STOP!' It took some time but after a while we found a deal. On the one hand:

- This blog must be completely deleted.
- No more spawncamping in PSL1: just flagruns and max 20 kills every game.
- mefisto and Carl must be unbanned from #cube2 and both added to the op list.
- Thomas must become SWL admin and must have root access on Achille&Markku's server.

.. on the other hand:

- Unlix will become ogros-trusted. For the first month, he will be followed by kmz who will teach him all the spy commands and how to kick someone without even beeing in-game or in irc or connected at internet at all.
- Achille will have his ogros account again and his stats will be generated from Carl's ones, like this: Carl's number of games will become Achille's number of frags and Carl's Accuracy will be Achille's KpD.
- vaQ' clan tag protection will be activated again.
- mefisto will consider the possibility to give Achille the permission to organize the 'show' with SWL tournaments, but only if Achille asks him for it several times.

We all accepted!  Believe it or not but THIS IS NOT AN APRIL'S FOOL!
Sorry for the bad english and sorry to all the blog fans, we had a lot of fun togheter!