Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Walker, Unlix, Acuerta: attack & epic fail

As you all know, I am the founder of this blog. 
But there were more admins such as KaZ, Unlix, Acuerta.
I gave them access so as to make the blog more active.

Tonight, the 28th of August, Unlix gave access to Walker who, togheter with Acuerta, Fear and Unlix himself, started A NEW VAQ ATTACK against me and the cube2blog.

They deleted my access to the blog (yea admins can delete founders' login, very nice job google homos!!!) (Link)
They started to edit stuff and ruin things.
The logo of the blog, which took Fennec an entire day to complete, has been deleted. If anyone has a backup, please give it to me in irc.
They immediatly started to make stupid, unfunny posts and insulted people using their private real life information and pictures of them.

This blog is nice, I worked on it for months and it was a pity to ruin it or to leave it in the hands of Walker and Unlix.
I am sure that none of you would have liked it. That's why I tried to take it back immediatly.

Firstm I asked gently to have it back. It didn't work. The answer was <Maybe we'll give you a backup tomorrow, but we have some impossible demands for it>.

Walker stole the blog and the administration of it, and I took his vaQ admin rights and stole the vaQ intern forum.
I have all of their intern section, all of their posts  and where they share passwords, modded clients, scripts, information / pictures / passwords / real-life info of lots of sauer users, applications, applications polls, informations about their servers, everything. Hence
I said to them <give me the blog back in the next 5 min or I'll show all your intern shit to everyone> and this time it worked. I got the blog back after few seconds.

Walker acted like an asshole, I acted like an asshole and a half.
Unlix acted like a normal vaQ, I acted like the best vaQ.
I am not pround of what I have done, but it was the only way to save a work of several months.

I am not going to publish or to use anything so don't ask me anything, just don't. I don't want to disturb anyone or to act like they did. My only goal was to get my things back and I won. I am sorry for the other vaQ members which have nothing to do with this.

The blog is back and it won't be deleted. It also needs some new admins, applications are open!
End of the story.


Nice try Walker!

A report of what happened tonight will follow in the next hours.


Monday, August 20, 2012

Laslo69 is back

We all remember {GSTF}Laslo69 from this post, but that was a long time ago. We thought he'd disappeared together with his HelloKitty outfit but:
He is back

Check the full video here

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nooblounge Convention scrutinized

micha vs jaunty

Nooblounge Convention - Lost&Found

Picture of the pocket knife found by SomeLady:

SumSum cheats & auth

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

SWL Modes, what would you like to play?

We are thinking to change the sauerleague modes, and want to know your opinion !
As you all know, SWL has currently 8 modes: instagib, effic, ffa  || capture, ehold || instaCTF, eCTF, CTF, wich are dividend in 2 months-events of 5 modes each:

Month 1:   instagib - effic - capture - eCTF - iCTF
Month 2:   instagib - ffa   - ehold - CTF - iCTF

We tought to add 3 new modes: instagib team 2on2,  effic team 2on2,  teamplay (ffa) 2on2.
We tested this 3 new modes several times: it makes a lot of fun to play them.
To do it, we must delete 2 old modes, and we tought about removing eHold, wich hadn't a great success, and CTF wich isn't played anymore nowdays.

In short our idea is this one:

Month 1:   instagib, effic, ffa, capture
Month 2:   instagibteam 2on2, efficteam2on2, teamplay2on2, ictf, ectf

But before applying it, tell us your opinion and what you would like to play in the SWL.

If you want to help, comment this post like this:
Name: Carl
Month 1:   ictf, efficctf, capture, regen
Month 2:   ictf, efficctf, capture, regen
Note: No need to play all the other modes wich should be deleted.

Keep in mind that every event must not have more than 4-5 modes (every mode takes 1h to be played and 4-5 intense hours of gaming are enough for both admins and players), that instagib and ictf are the most played modes and that regen, ehold, ctf are the less interesting ones (at least in league games).
Useless trash chat or unnamed comments will be deleted.

Thank you
SWL Admins

Insta Titlematches Saiga vs Achille