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New Polls

- New round of Polls -> Homepage, right column.
- Added the 'search' feature.

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I like sauerbraten, pizza and dating johana.

This is the story of the most funny application that you'll ever see:

October 17, 2012 - Sparta 'Wonderful application' to [FD]clan

..and its best answer (together with his picture)

You must be really a funny boy Sparta, you made my day! 
Also good luck with Johana :D

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Cube2: Sauerbraten Collect edition


  • reanimated Ogro (by Geartrooper) with skeletal animation so he supports vweps and ragdolls
  • added new MP maps by 4t3one & Snowy (collusion), viruz (subterra), Windecker (alithia), miscreant (turbulence), Suicizer (evilness), sinsch (catch22), flubz0r (hidden), Skur (skrdm1), SuperMan (bvdm_01), Fatum (tumwalk, snapper_rocks, bad_moon, shiva, elegy), Meister & Fatum (mill, asgard, legazzo, teahupoo, gubo), rabe (outpost), Doko & MisanthropX & Nieb (renegade), Nieb & RaZgRiZ & SirAlex & Windecker (garden), Chris_0076 & Nieb & SomeDude (hashi), t-chen (simplicity, fury, mbt4, mbt9, arbana, haste, forgotten), t-chen & RaZgRiZ (mbt12), RaZgRiZ (twinforts), cm|CubicMatter (kopenhagen), Nieb (autumn), ac & Boxx & HeWho (depot), HeWho (rm5), Sprite & Crap_I'm_Dead (spcr), Crap_I'm_Dead (dirtndust), Maycrus & AtlasSteal & HeWho & Somedude & Chris (masdm), Star (sauerstruck), b4lkLu & Chris_0076 (donya), Majikal (siberia), Ardelico & HeWho & Suicizer (force), Snowy (nucleus), Zeronic & HeWho (eternal_valley)
  • added "collect", "insta collect", and "efficiency collect" game modes
  • new weapon sounds by Slawomir 'Q009' Blauciak
  • added support for directional sunlight for lightmaps (controlled via "sunlight", "sunlightyaw", "sunlightpitch", and "sunlightscale" vars)
  • added "savebrush" and "pastebrush" commands for saving and pasting selected geometry
  • added support for up to 4 types of water, lava, and glass materials (using "water2", "lava3", etc. materials)
  • added geometry filter modes for "editmat" command ("empty", "notempty", "solid", and "notsolid")
  • now uses GLSL as the default rendering path when available (use "forceglsl 0" to use the old assembly shader path if necessary)
  • added support for international character sets
  • added support for 64-bit Windows builds
  • config files and maps are now saved to the My Games directory on Windows
  • added auto-update and auto-sort options to the server browser
  • made server browser stay open on connect failure
  • server browser now displays time remaining for the match on servers
  • server now shows up as a system tray icon on Windows
  • server now loads entities directly from maps if available
  • server may now have multiple masters, auths, and admins at the same time
  • server now controls its own map rotation
  • server now supports configurable teamkill limits
  • increased pistol and grenade damage, and lengthened yellow armour spawn time
  • health boost and quad spawn times are no longer randomized
  • shortened game times to 10 minutes in all team modes
  • players now spawn with blue armour again in FFA
  • teammates are now shown on minimap
  • team frags are now tracked independently of player frags
  • in CTF the same player that dropped a flag may now pick it back up one time, but not twice in a row without a teammate picking it up in between
  • teamkilling the flag runner in CTF modes now disallows the teamkiller from picking up the flag (toggled via "ctftkpenalty" var in server-init.cfg)
  • team damage no longer contributes to accuracy
  • gamehud and edithud may now span multiple lines
  • added "hidedead" var to control whether players disappear immediately once killed
  • added "restrictpausegame" var for controlling whether need to be admin to use pausegame during multiplayer
  • added "restrictdemos" var for controlling whether need to be admin to record a demo and "maxdemos"/"maxdemosize" vars for limiting the number and size of demos
  • movie recorder now supports larger than 1 GB files using OpenDML/AVI 2.0
  • added "ignore" and "unignore" commands to locally ignore chat from players
  • added "-g" command-line option which sets which file console output is logged to
  • added support for DDS DXT1/3/5 compressed skyboxes and envmaps
  • added simplified IK for pitch animation
  • added support for applying transforms to bone tags on skeletal models
  • revised internal geometry format to support merging cube faces into convex triangle fans instead of just rectangles
  • use premultiplied-alpha for grass textures to avoid darkening around grass outlines
  • improved model lighting that preserves contrast on unlit side
  • added cubescript recursion limits
  • added "local" command to cubescript that allows you to declare local variables
  • added cubescript compiler
  • added snow particles (particle type 13)
  • "lightthreads" and "pvsthreads" vars now default to the estimated number of CPUs when set to 0
  • fixed lightmap blurring (controlled via "blurlms" var) at lightmap borders
  • normals are now sampled at all t-joints for smoothing rather than speculatively subdividing edges
  • improved packing of lightmaps when a cube face has more than one plane
  • added "guispring" for creating springs inside a list

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