Sunday, June 29, 2014


Signup Closed - 14 Participants:

Achille, Jay_Red, brownie, Potato, Swatllama, Star, echo-echo, Rexus, Chaos, Sativa, vzzec, hades, wtf, Aiurz.

To those who signed up in the last few hours: sorry, too late. 14 Participants are already a lot more then what it was actually programmed. I hope you'll guys will play the next one where you'll have the right to participate no matter what.

@To the 14 guys: please confirm your participation as soon as possible, no one want to see no-shows. Also good luck to everyone and may the best one win.

The first Matchday will be published tomorrow night. Cya!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014



The Map Pool is taken from SWL.
If I'm not wrong the majority of you agreed with it, anyway I'm open to discuss it (IRC #cube2).

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Cube2 Insta Ladder 2014

Cube2blog is back in action:

After the first two ladders of sauerbraten history, here again another one:

INSTAGIB LADDER 2014  (link)

Signups are open!
Just write me (Achille) a pm in IRC. You can find me in #cube2 channel.
[If I'm not online it's not a problem, I'll read and answer your pm once connected so just write all you need.]
Hurry up because there aren't many free places and before doing it be sure that you will be able to play every single match it needs being active for the next two-three weeks.

Note: I won't take everyone because I want a limited number of participants and I want everything to be simple, fast and .. it has to be a good show.

The Ladder Rules will be online in the next 48hours, but you all already know how it works: every participant will play against all the other ones and the goal is to win as many duels and points as possible.

Also, thanks to Jay_Red, who gave me the right motivation and is happy to help me in this thing.
We both expect all the Insta Lovers to signup, to fight and to give their best.
Instagib is still the main mode of this game, it gave lots of shows in the past and we're sure that we'll have some surprises in this ladder. Hf & Gl