Thursday, August 2, 2012

SWL Modes, what would you like to play?

We are thinking to change the sauerleague modes, and want to know your opinion !
As you all know, SWL has currently 8 modes: instagib, effic, ffa  || capture, ehold || instaCTF, eCTF, CTF, wich are dividend in 2 months-events of 5 modes each:

Month 1:   instagib - effic - capture - eCTF - iCTF
Month 2:   instagib - ffa   - ehold - CTF - iCTF

We tought to add 3 new modes: instagib team 2on2,  effic team 2on2,  teamplay (ffa) 2on2.
We tested this 3 new modes several times: it makes a lot of fun to play them.
To do it, we must delete 2 old modes, and we tought about removing eHold, wich hadn't a great success, and CTF wich isn't played anymore nowdays.

In short our idea is this one:

Month 1:   instagib, effic, ffa, capture
Month 2:   instagibteam 2on2, efficteam2on2, teamplay2on2, ictf, ectf

But before applying it, tell us your opinion and what you would like to play in the SWL.

If you want to help, comment this post like this:
Name: Carl
Month 1:   ictf, efficctf, capture, regen
Month 2:   ictf, efficctf, capture, regen
Note: No need to play all the other modes wich should be deleted.

Keep in mind that every event must not have more than 4-5 modes (every mode takes 1h to be played and 4-5 intense hours of gaming are enough for both admins and players), that instagib and ictf are the most played modes and that regen, ehold, ctf are the less interesting ones (at least in league games).
Useless trash chat or unnamed comments will be deleted.

Thank you
SWL Admins


  1. Month 1: ictf, instagib, effic, ffa, ectf

    Month 2: instagibteam 2on2, efficteam2on2, teamplay2on2, ictf, ectf

    In my opinion capture is also a mode that isnt played that it should be deleted too.

  2. Month 1: insta - effic - instateam - ectf - ictf
    Month 2: insta - effic - efficteam - ectf - ictf
    Month 3: insta - effic - teamplay - ectf - ictf

    Note: people want to play insta(ctf) and effic(ctf): these modes are the most popular in clanwars, I'd guess that 95% of clanmatches are played in these 4 modes. 3-month-cyclus for instateam, efficteam, teamplay. ffa is useless because nobody can ever beat notas anyway, on top of that it doesn't have many participants either.

    1. anyways, to solidify my estimations I took a look at the monthly stats that record the matches of logged in players on, among others, also PSL servers which are frequently used for clanwars:




      Shold convey a clear message imo ..

  3. Month 1: instagib, effic, ffa, capture
    Month 2: instagibteam 2on2, efficteam2on2, teamplay2on2, ictf, ectf

    Note: I don't want capture to be deleted, it's not a noobmode like regen. The competition with the other modes is too hard for CTF wich hasn't participants or eHold. Ictf, eCTF and the 1on1 modes are untouchable. I am sure that the 2on2 modes will be funny. Also with my picks every SWL event will take 4 hours (1h less) wich is much confortable for me and Markku.

  4. 3 month-rotation isn't a bad idea.

    Month 1: insta - effic - efficteam - ectf - ictf

    Month 2: insta - effic - capture - ectf - ictf

    Month 3: insta - effic - teamplay - ectf - ictf

    Modes Instagib, effic, ectf, ictf, are loved the most, so in a small community as we are, is better to have them always included.
    Imho instateam isn't so much different from insta: there's no big teamplay in this mode. As a ICCfag, I can't remove capture 'cause I/we very like that mode.

  5. Month 1: ictf insta ctf ectf teamplay
    Month 2: ictf effic capture ffa iteam
    Month 3: ictf insta ctf ectf eteam
    Month 4: ictf effic capture ffa teamplay
    Month 5: ictf insta ctf ectf iteam
    Month 6: ictf effic capture ffa eteam

    Did I forget any modes?

  6. Name: Luffy
    Month 1: instagib, teamplay, ectf, {+ icollect for new verison}
    Month 2: ffa, eteam, ictf, {+ collect for new version}
    Month 3: effic, iteam, ctf, capture, {+ ecollect for new version}

    Note: so we have 10 modes + 3 when new version is available

  7. Month 1: Insta-Effick-Ectf- Ictf
    Month 2: Insta-Effickteam-Cap-Ectf-Ictf
    Month 3: Insta-Effick-Ectf-Ictf
    Month 4: Insta-Instateam-Cap-Ectf-Ictf

    Note: I agree with acuerta... Insta, Ectf and Ictf should be played every month. For Effick and Instateam you could think of a quicky mode ;) because All vs All will already give a hint who will be the best, so you can let only play a final after all vs all.

    Other suggestion:

    Month 1: insta-ffa-Effickteam-Ectf-Ictf
    Month 2: insta-effick-Instateam-cap-Ictf

    For that you should really cut semifinals for effic/instateam 6pm7pm8pm8:30pm9:30pm for example

  8. Name: Zooka
    Month 1: Insta-Effic-Efficteam-Ectf-ICTF
    Month 2: Insta-Effic-Instateam-Ectf-ICTF
    Month 3: Insta-Effic-Capture-Ectf-ICTF

    I really think that a mode as capture has to be kept, is also generally played by 4 teams more or less, so it can bring some fun; I agree with the new modes admins want to add, it could be easier to have a nice competition having only 2 players playing for a team and surely spending 1 hour less is a great effort for us all

  9. Name: yosh!
    I agree with Zooka's plan, since it will be more interesting for the players to play ctf modes every moves, making teams' life easier to be part of the league, especially ones who cannot play games sometimes, the more games there are, the more they can play. Also, it will be hard for the title holder to play everymonth, since its a must to play (other players chose to play, but as the title holder, he should play if he wants to keep his award). Maybe titlematches 1/2 months would make life easier, but thats not the point. But keep in mind that if we play ctf's once à month, the frequency of title holders will increase as the the number of matches in this mod, this means also a lack of playing the other modes.
    Anyways, I'm sure making testmatches will fix the problems, and show how to correctly set the rules for the teammodes, as they all last 15 min.

  10. name : Apachai

    Month 1 : insta - effic - ctf - teamplay - ctf
    Month 2 : insta - effic - teamplay - ctf - teamplay
    Month 3 : Touchdown! (and maybe some ctf)