Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Walker, Unlix, Acuerta: attack & epic fail

As you all know, I am the founder of this blog. 
But there were more admins such as KaZ, Unlix, Acuerta.
I gave them access so as to make the blog more active.

Tonight, the 28th of August, Unlix gave access to Walker who, togheter with Acuerta, Fear and Unlix himself, started A NEW VAQ ATTACK against me and the cube2blog.

They deleted my access to the blog (yea admins can delete founders' login, very nice job google homos!!!) (Link)
They started to edit stuff and ruin things.
The logo of the blog, which took Fennec an entire day to complete, has been deleted. If anyone has a backup, please give it to me in irc.
They immediatly started to make stupid, unfunny posts and insulted people using their private real life information and pictures of them.

This blog is nice, I worked on it for months and it was a pity to ruin it or to leave it in the hands of Walker and Unlix.
I am sure that none of you would have liked it. That's why I tried to take it back immediatly.

Firstm I asked gently to have it back. It didn't work. The answer was <Maybe we'll give you a backup tomorrow, but we have some impossible demands for it>.

Walker stole the blog and the administration of it, and I took his vaQ admin rights and stole the vaQ intern forum.
I have all of their intern section, all of their posts  and where they share passwords, modded clients, scripts, information / pictures / passwords / real-life info of lots of sauer users, applications, applications polls, informations about their servers, everything. Hence
I said to them <give me the blog back in the next 5 min or I'll show all your intern shit to everyone> and this time it worked. I got the blog back after few seconds.

Walker acted like an asshole, I acted like an asshole and a half.
Unlix acted like a normal vaQ, I acted like the best vaQ.
I am not pround of what I have done, but it was the only way to save a work of several months.

I am not going to publish or to use anything so don't ask me anything, just don't. I don't want to disturb anyone or to act like they did. My only goal was to get my things back and I won. I am sorry for the other vaQ members which have nothing to do with this.

The blog is back and it won't be deleted. It also needs some new admins, applications are open!
End of the story.



  1. Good job achille, you're always been winner because u have nice soul, and this psycho kids will burn in hell

  2. Achille we officially decided to invite you to vaQ you are free to join!
    Oh and ofc we made backups of the whole blog so it shall be no problem to get the logo :D

  3. oh and wth shall fear has done? using his access here to give me admin?
    he just was interested in whats happening, like many others

  4. gj Achille


    Why Walker calls people with no power in SWL&cube2 only for draw attention on personal troube? What this reaction mean? This is my question after this Walker msg:

    Just to let you know, i don't have any problem with you or any ICC member, i just kicked Drekow to show him and markku how unfair it feels if you get kicked for something which doesn't relay to the place.
    Achille said he won't let me play SWL cause i kick him from vaQ servers, when i connectet to SWL1 to play the 2nd ictf game i got kicked and thought i was banned, after the games i complained to achille why he didn't let me play, he told me i just had to reconnect...
    well why the hell should i've known that it was no ban if he said before he will ban me?
    so i told markku this and said imo its not okay to kick someone from a league sverer when a match where he is participant just cause you have a personal problem with him.. when he told me its ok in his opinion and he doesn't has the time to deal with kids i said somthing about sora and he started ignoring me.. so kicking drekow was just a sign, i apologize for that.

    1. Well i don't want to blame anyone but after i asked someone to post the meme about achille as classiest man alive someone told me he just deletet achille as admin, then i said ok lets lket it look mlike i took over the blog...
      this is what happened
      well if i wanted to get as much attention as possible i wouldn't made all the stupid posts in the night. all this was done to make achille as angry as he made me and well it worked :D
      only problem: i didn't suspect such a hard reaction by his side, but thats what i and others which didn't even knew what i was doing have to deal with now

    2. If you think i take this shit seriously you don't know me well. :D
      Also consider i have no voice on SWL or #cube2 related stuff and I don't wants it. My privileges ends were ICC issue ends to! And Achille is not an ICC.

      I don't know were is your problem Walker, you was nice to us and we played lots of game (together or against) and i hope you solve it.

      You are no longer banned on #italiancubeclan next time talks directly to me and act like a kids (kicking me i was thinking you was joking)...

  5. Which remninds me to this: http://i49.tinypic.com/317iik0.jpg

  6. I was playing with echo-echo and got raped.... seems legit that iam in that post:)

  7. LOL germans butthurt :9 achille just gave you free lesson you motherfuckers, and walker don't explain yourself we know you you're piece of shit go die alone :9

  8. and at least you shall be fair too:
    "Walker stole me the blog and the administration of it and I took his vaQ admin rights and stole vaQ intern forum.
    I have all their intern section, all their posts where they share passwords, modded clients, scripts, information / pictures / passwords / real-life infos of lots of sauer users, applications, applications polls, informations about their servers, everything."

    we dont share any modded client, only thing shared there where you have to recompile the binary is the rifle smoke :D

    And what about telling others you shared also a lot of real life photos in this section?

  9. Stop it walker, just stop it. I participated in lots of your actions tht's right.
    It's the reason why 3 vaqs had my same rights on this blog. You were just stupid traitors but as you said, it was worth it for those 2 hours of incredible fun you had.

    I have no idea why you started this war with me and stop telling stupid lies. If I haven't published all your posts is because they weren't funny, you aren't funny..accept it. And I have never banned you from irc, not even today after the shit you've done last night and not even after all your nazi actions. Till now I just answered with 1 kick in my own server after ~10 kicks I recieved and with stealing you few posts after you stole me an entire blog.

    Notice that you would have probably alredy published everything because you are the famous vaq gagsters, I haven't.

    I learned my lesson: don't trust vaqs. You learned yours: don't fuck with me.
    For what it concerns me it's over. Not even all your members liked what you've done but I see that someone of you still want to continue this war and to extend it to other works ruining more important things than a blog... challenge accepted. Yeah it's kindergarten-kids-level but fuck it, I am sick of this!

    1. lol.
      1) you posted enough stuff of me
      2) what you didn't post cause it was lame is no problem - your descission
      3) what Unlix did was giving me the chance to tell people how you acted
      4) atm im banned in #swl #cube2 #italiancubeclan #sp4nk (private IP and vaQ bnc)
      as unlix said: you made this a war not we, like i told in the 1h we spoke we just had some fun :D
      and wow i shall stop telling lies? where did i lie?
      you did! till yet: you never published stuff of me ->lie
      how you got our datas -> lie
      you just naswered with 1 kick ->lie
      So before you write again some rage stuff think of the facts and consider i havbe the balls to post evrything with my account the only anonymus comment i amde is the one from 12:34 PM

    2. "I have no idea why you started this war"


    3. Acuerta go and have some cybersex with ***** in mumble and stfu

    4. nice try, cuntbuza

  10. Lol we never stole your blog, we just wanted to give Walker the chance to post some shit before restoring your admin rights, it's you who turned this into a war by breaking into our forum and deleting shit.
    Seriously... What the fuck o_O

  11. < we just borrow your blog > WTF ??? seriously ??? I waited an hour, but when you said < maybe tomorrow we'll give you a backup > while posting Cr4sh pictures it was enough. He had the chance to post everything legit, you had my same rights, bastards. At least walker admitted how idiot he was, not like some shit snake like Acuerta who didn't wanted his name in this post. Maybe couse all the most important forum posts I have are his one. Seriously fuck off. Star and t-chen are right, you got what you deserved. Stop it now, you're destroying your own clan idiots.

  12. Do you want to discuss the lil pit when we would gave you back the blog?
    1)we said we will give you back this blog, not a back-up
    2) after you said you asked google to delete this blog
    WE made back-ups (as can be read in the deletet posts)
    3)We also deleted the post about GayLove after some min don't you think we know where the limits are?

    Srsly you stole a whole forum due to a little highjack and now you want to tell us when someone has gone too far? as i told you, you need a bit more reflection of yourself

    and well yep, i was stupid expecting you as a normal acting person

  13. We both knows I would have never seen the blog back and this doesn't delete the fact that you stole it.
    Take your own responsibility when you do such actions.

  14. another break in the wall with you, Walker!

    +1 only for the song :D

    1. im surpised over and over again :D
      whoever made this comment my congratz, a break in the wall you are really smart :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  15. Nice community, all this mess for jsut a game? It's ridiculous, just play and enjoy it.. don't need all this shitthy things

  16. vaq...idiots....as always....

    1. vaQs have small dicks, I tested them all!

    2. They are just forever alone in this community, but they think something other. Whatever they say, noone care em. Retards...

  17. I am afraid that Acuerta will become the new Walker soon.

  18. You all need have more sex!! bitches!!


  20. http://cdn.memegenerator.net/instances/400x/25891382.jpg


    This flamewar? The destruction of each others work? WHAT!?

    Despite being confused on unspeakable levels I find the behaviour, of both people here (Given the slander is true) revolting (And those who have spoken to me on IRC will know - that's saying something).

    Either way, this is not my battle.

  22. Meanwhile in this war im getting body to body massage, your love.

  23. Congratz to achille for getting this blog back and posting so much new stuff, seems like it really was worth playing your best ace!

  24. LOL, are you serious?
    I mean I know you are serious by nature, but ...
    I totally agree with the google homo part -> fuck the irishman, google must die!
    Shame on that Walker dude if he did that.
    And shame on his accomplices.
    This blog is funny. Not as funnier as Mefisto's blog, but still funny.

  25. LOOOOL Achi sucked vaq's hairy dicks, and vaq's, instead of being men, licked achi's asshole. You guys really deserve each other.

  26. falling apart. needs boh back.

  27. and once again some of the vaq guys have proven that they are complete idiots. fear is ok, but the rest of them are just idiots.