Tuesday, May 20, 2014


SWL HoF Page is now available again.  ('SWL HoF' in the main bar)

Lot's of incredible games have been played and that HoF, just like it's players, is history of this game!

Maybe one day SWL will offer new competitions and new players will have the chance to write their name in that HoF too.

Note1: Nothing of SWL has been lost. If you're looking for an old demo/screen just ask for it.

Note2: That page has been published here because SWL website is offline, but it belongs to SWL.


  1. Achille, please make sauer fun by hosting a good tournament again

    1. To be honest I'm really tempted to do something again, because I really think that SWL was great and that nobody else will ever reach its level. Since SWL there's no real sauer competition and all the little tournaments that I've seen around are just smoke in the eyes, but that's just my opinion.
      As you may have noticed, my free time is no more the same and my motivation either.
      Things can change in the future but for the moment I'm offline and happy to play my few games once around. Thanks anyway for the good comment.

    2. I wouldn't say that no tournament could ever reach SWL's level again, however it's true that in the short time I've been in Sauer, SWL was the best organised/most fun. And that's not just based on my opinion, but based on how pretty much every clan would sign up to participate in team modes and how loads of individual players would sign up for the duel modes. It was even fun to spectate these events, and the client was cool (still using SWLACC 7.1, actually). So I'm sure people would be happy if SWL came back.

    3. (btw I'm not the "anonymous" guy above)

    4. It was hades

  2. JiiN it's now following you.