Thursday, June 7, 2012

Admin > you

psl1: KICK: I<3Maxi (  Reason: kicked by master (14 days ban)  Master: Hero (account)

--> #ogros :

<Acuerta> I want to report admin abuse
<Acuerta> banned for 14 days for 1 single ACCIDENTAL teamkill
Hero sets a ban on *!*@Acuerta.cheats.gamesurge
You have been kicked by Hero (Reason: Acuerta)


  1. Mr.Proper truck FTW!

  2. This game is full of dickheads, I've been ip banned twice by people claiming master for no reason whatsoever. The first time I thought I did something wrong, the second time I logged in with a proxy, took master and undid all the bans those stupid people made. In 2009 me and a friend were kicked off our own server by a stupid "masskicker" bot, ruined our awesome map!